Cosmetic Dentistry in Landisville, PA

Improve the appearance of your smile with teeth whitening, veneers, dentures, and more.

Cosmetic Whitening

Having your teeth whitened is a fast and effective way to brighten your smile. Our office offers two kinds of whitening. ZOOM whitening is completed in a single office visit and can achieve dramatic results quickly. The most common whitening option is to use custom-made trays that allow you to whiten at home, and update your whitened smile whenever its whiteness starts to fade. Typically this takes two visits: on the first visit, impressions will be taken to make the trays; on the second visit, the trays will be tried in your mouth and we will review instructions for their use.


If you have crooked, misshapen, or stained teeth and would like to improve the appearance of your smile, veneers may be an option for you.At Sardina Dental Group, we offer two kinds of veneers: direct resin bonded veneers and porcelain veneers. Direct veneers are made of bonding material and can be completed in a single visit. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of teeth. Porcelain veneers take two visits, but generally provide a more natural appearance. In the 1st appointment, your teeth are conservatively shaped, and temporary veneers are sculpted to your liking, usually taking 1-2 hours. In the 2nd visit is when we “try-in” the new Porcelain Veneers. If you are pleased with the appearance and Dr. Adams and Dr. Sardina approve the clinical fit, the veneers are then bonded to your teeth.

Esthetic Dentures

Missing teeth make it difficult to talk, chew, and smile with confidence. Dentures or partials are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing, while partials are used when some natural teeth remain. Immediate or “same day” dentures can be made in cases of emergencies, as a temporary fix, or while you are healing and before an implant can be placed or a permanent denture made. Conventional dentures are removable (they must be taken out an night and soaked in water; however, there are many different denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants. Fixed crowns can be cemented or screwed onto implants so you never have to take your teeth out, just like your actual teeth! Dr. Sardina and Dr. Adams can discuss the many options for replacing your natural teeth at a consultation visit.

Other services

Why would I need Dentures?

If you are missing teeth, are planning to have a tooth extracted, or have dentures that do not fit well, we would be happy to discuss your options with you. Although no denture can feel as natural as your original teeth, with changes in modern technology, it is often possible to make esthetic, comfortable, and functional dentures.

What to expect from a dental procedure

While temporary dentures can be made in a single visit, most dentures at Sardina Dental take 3-6 visits to make properly. This is because the dentists must carefully take a number of impressions and measurements. Based on your case, Dr. Sardina or Dr. Adams will discuss all the steps needed to make the best denture possible for you.

How do I care for my denture? Daily cleaning of dentures is recommended, as plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth, just as they do on natural teeth. It is important to sleep without your dentures in, to allow your gums and mouth some rest time without the denture in place.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns (also known as caps) cover, protect, and strengthen teeth that are broken down, fractured, or have large fillings or cavities. On back teeth, crowns are necessary after a root canal to prevent the tooth from breaking. Crowns may also be done for esthetic reasons, to improve the contours or shape of a tooth. A bridge is designed to replace teeth that have been lost. Missing teeth may need to be replaced for appearance, or to prevent or correct bite and gum problems re­lated to shifting or stressed teeth.

What to expect for a Crown or Bridge Procedure

The procedure itself takes two visits. In the first visit, and old filling material and decay is removed, and the tooth is reduced as conservatively as possible to create space for the crown to sit over and protect the tooth; Dr. Adams and Dr. Sardina both take great care to save as much healthy tooth structure as possible. For a bridge, a tooth or several teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared for crowns.

After the tooth or teeth have been ideally shaped, a digital impression is taken. This impression is used by a dental laboratory to fabricate your crown so that it is a precise fit for your tooth. We also use a digital shade guide to ensure the most accurate color, so the crown blends flawlessly into your mouth looking great and no one notices.

At the end of the visit a temporary crown or bridge is fitted over the tooth. You will wear this for 2-3 weeks. When you return, the temporary will be removed, and the permanent tried in. If the per­manent crown or bridge is a good esthetic and clinical fit, it will be cemented in place.