Orthodontics in Landisville, PA

Early treatment for ages 5-12 can create beautiful smiles, healthy jaw joints, and help avoid problems as adults.


Dr. Sardina has completed several years of additional training in order to allow him to complete orthodontic treatment. While many different types of orthodontic procedures can be done at our office, most fall into two main categories.

Phase I orthodontics

• Phase I orthodontics refers to the treatment of orthodontic problems in children aged 5-12. As an early intervention, the goal of Phase I treatment is to both reduce the overall treatment time and costs associated with orthodontics. Often, a better treatment outcome is reached, as Phase I orthodontics makes use of the natural growth to prevent or eliminate crowding of permanent teeth. In most cases, 80% of the treatment is completed before all the adult teeth are present. Cooperation is the key to getting good results, and younger children are often more willing to wear functional appliances than older children. Early treatment can create beautiful smiles, healthy jaw joints, eliminate snoring, prevent speech prob­lems and eliminate the need for extractions of permanent teeth.

Phase 2 orthodontics

• Phase II refers to the orthodontic treatment of individuals aged 12 and older. In this phase, the teeth are straightened with orthodontic braces or clear aligners. Phase 2 usually takes 1 to 2 years, and is designed to immediately follow Phase 1 once the arches are expanded and permanent teeth are in. A consultation will allow Dr. Sardina to assess which options are best for you or your children.

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